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Patent Pending Concepts                                                Funding Need   $1.5M  
Leif Johnston                                                                  Phone  (540)847-5343


Fuelternatives™ and the website™ is a marketplace for alternative fuel solutions where we will sell our own patent pending technologies and other viable pragmatic solutions to reduce dependence on fossil fuels. The business is the combination of a primarily web based marketing outreach to sell solutions and an experimental lab to determine which solutions are, in our opinion, viable.


Research Areas:  We have patent pending technologies relating to:

  • A hydrogen based combustion retrofit for a traditional gas engine
  • Fuelverters™ an easily configured and unique energy transformation technology to allow the conversion of a source energy (e.g. Bio waste) to a destination energy (e.g. car ready hydrogen).


The combination of our patent pending technologies with the validation of other technologies will make our marketplace distinct and provide a real benefit to the business or individual consumer seeking to leverage alternative fuels. While there are some informational and sales web sites that provide alternative fuel solutions, there is no validation of those technologies. More importantly, no marketplace has come into being that makes it easy for a consumer to adopt alternative fuels.


Fuelternatives™ is a member of the Technology Catalyst business incubator.



Partner Opportunities We are Looking at potential partners for both the license of our products and sale of theirs.

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