Investment Opportunities
EBizWarehouse, Inc.



Early Growth                                                    Funding Need   $3-5M  
Leif Johnston                                                                  Phone  (540) 372-9280 x201

EBizWarehouse is focused on the back-end of the eCommerce transaction. It is easy now to build an eCommerce site. Significantly more difficult is the integration of those web-based orders into the fulfillment and accounting capabilities of a company. EBizWarehouse act as an eCommerce Back-end Application Service Provider.  

Many client-server applications can be had to transform a traditional warehouse into an eCommerce backend. The software hardware and integration efforts to make this happen will in most cases range from $100-200K. As an online web based application providing inventory management and order fulfillment, eBizWarehouse can accomplish that transformation of a traditional warehouse to an eCommerce warehouse with virtually no capital investment.  

Current pricing discussions have focused on transaction fees for each order and to check inventory levels. On average, these would net $1500 per company per month under the service. Initial set-up fees, minimum transactions per month and term commitments bound the revenue risk.  

Competitors Client Server competitors are common. Web based competitive services are not currently available as attested by Microsoft Commerce Server partnering manager. Client Server migration services such as Profit 21 and Great Plains accounting will draw some of the business.  
Partner Opportunities Currently in discussion with, Impressa, and Competitive Software about partner revenue sharing programs. Actively pursuing Microsoft Commerce Server Independent Software Vendor status.  
Service Cost $1.50 per order processed and 10 per inventory query with minimum commitment levels. This cost basis allows the service to act purely as a business cost, significantly reducing capital investment requirements.  
Other Services Full staff management and accounting services could be bundled with this service offering.  

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