Fredericksburg, VA, Jan. 16, 2001-Beginning Jan. 29 and continuing through February 10, those who visit Borders Books & Music in Central Park can view a live satellite broadcast of The JASON Project XII, an expedition series originated by Robert Ballard, the scientist who discovered the location of
the Titanic. Dr. Ballard and his team of host researchers will explore the awe-inspiring volcanoes of Hawaii. The Project will be broadcast live from Hawaii to a 9-foot projection television screen in Borders Cafe Espresso five times a day for two weeks. Educators, NASA scientists and local celebrities will emcee the broadcasts in the store. Borders is the only location between Washington, D.C. and Roanoke, Virginia to host the live JASON broadcast.

JASON is a vehicle for students to participate in Dr. Ballard's expeditions without the necessity of their physical presence. They will investigate the geological phenomena of volcanoes both on land and sea and compare volcanic events here on Earth with others in the solar system through a variety of award-winning mechanisms. These include a digital lab, interactive curriculum-based activities, JASONmail, a private e-mail messaging system, the Ask-an-Expert system and other chat programs. Involvement in the project is further reinforced by the inclusion of seven Argonauts, students and teachers selected to assist Ballard with his research in Hawaii and host the two weeks of broadcasts. As an interdisciplinary project,

 JASON XII builds student and educator skills and knowledge in geology, biology, oceanography, chemistry, physics, astronomy, technology, mathematics, geography, art, literature, history and culture. 

The JASON Project XII has been brought to Fredericksburg, VA through the support of Borders, Holiday Inn Select, The Silver Companies, The Fredericksburg Regional Chamber of Commerce, The Fredericksburg Regional Chamber of Commerce Education Foundation, Technology Catalyst and GEICO Direct. 

A JASON media reception is scheduled for Sunday, January 28 at 11:30am in Borders Café Espresso, 1220 Carl D. Silver Parkway, Fredericksburg, Va. 22401, 540-785-6171.

Dara Dawson, JASON XII Argonaut and Dan Beaupre, National Geographic JASON Project Site Coordinator will be available for interviews and questions. You may also meet with all the parties involved with bringing JASON XII to the Fredericksburg community. Rappahannock Pops Brass Quintet will be performing and Brunch will be served. Please contact Community Relations Coordinator, Shellie Ridder for reservations and further details. Shellie can be reached at 540-785-9577, Fax 540-785-6431, email

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